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    The $700 Octane: Back from the dead

    Picked this up off of Craigslist about a month ago for $700. Obviously, the deal of a lifetime, however it is a basket case and it need of a complete restoration.

    The good:
    -The ski is 100% complete and while it came in pieces, it appears that every bolt is accounted for.
    -Came with novi 46mm carbs that look like they were never installed. Retail $1450
    -Came with a wamiltons trim system. Retail $995
    -blowsion steering
    -The physical hull itself and the bottom deck are in great shape
    -blowsion fittings all around
    -already has footholds

    The bad:
    -Motor was completely shot. Crank was toast.
    -Previous owner cut the back of the tray to benefit the trim system and not only did he cut too much, it also looks like a 7 year old did it with a sawzall

    The ugly:
    -painted matte black. Its Either a really good rattle can job or it was done with a gun. Unacceptable either way.
    -Boat looks salty inside. Going to need a serious cleaning to evaluate further
    -equipped with "team shocker" decals. At first glance, it looks like a body glove decal. If you look closer you will see that it actually says "Body love. Team shocker" and the body glove hand is giving the sign of the shocker.
    Always tasteful.

    I've wanted an octane for years and am really excited to have one. I thought that I'd share.

    A big thanks to my friend Joe Lesniak of CT Watercraft aka "Joe Stang" who found it on CL an hour after it was listed. I was visiting family out of state and couldnt get to it. knowing it would sell fast, Joe actually drove an hour each way to go get it for me and fronted the cash because he knew how much it meant to me. Friends like that are few and far between. Thanks Joe.
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    This is the picture from the CL ad.
    It was listed for $1500 with trailer.

    When I called, I asked how much for the ski alone. He said "can you do $800?"
    I said "I'll do $700" and the deal was made.

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    Nice score. You gonna fix/clean up the butchered tray or leave it as is?

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    The $700 Octane: Back from the dead

    The first thing I did was call John at watcon to discuss motor options and get advice. He was beyond helpful and really nice.

    I then decided to get a 777 from a virage. The only difference is the heads- in terms of bolting this into an octane. I found that the port-timing may be slightly different, however, that should work in my favor. I cant see polaris tuning DOWN the 777 to put it in a three-seater. If anything, the low end is probably better on the virage motor.

    I bought a spotless low hour freshwater motor on eBay.

    The pipe chamber in the pic is a "C4" chamber made by
    It's the first and probably only mod I'm going to do. It's a copy of a discontinued and very desirable pipe called the " TNT" pipe. Perhaps some of you are familiar. It's a superjet/blaster center-bleed chamber and was known for arm-ripping low end power and snap.

    It won't be a direct fit into this hull but should be easy to adapt since it is intended for a superjet and bolts up to the existing head pipe and manifold.

    I also plan to bore the opening in the manifold where it connects to the head pipe from 42mm to 50mm and add dual cooling - on recommendation of the nynja guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STUNNA View Post
    Nice score. You gonna fix/clean up the butchered tray or leave it as is?
    It's already at the painter. That was going to be my next post. Theres No way i could live with it as-is.

    He's repairing the tray and repainting the ski back to red. I hope to receive some primer shots by tmr. The ski should be painted by next weekend.

    In the end, i should be into the ski complete, cleaned up and running for $2k-2500 NOT counting that pipe and whatever other mods I do to it.
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    Ill prob also Powdercoat the manifold and head pipe black and the chamber red.

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    Make sure the VIN tag stays intact

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    Lol I don't think it has to come off for paint. We're good.

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    WOW, nice score! I would give a body part for an octane!

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