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    Questions about the RIVA Stage 2

    Just finishing up the Stage 2 install and have a few questions.

    1) Does anyone cut or remove the plastic air outlet tube to acomodate the ic water hoses ect?

    2) I installed a Groco Strainer yesterday by mounting the strainer onto hull in front of the VTS. What is the best way to secure it?

    3) The Intercooler tube rubs the hull, will this cause vibration/wear problem

    Should be out testing this weekend.

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    Plastic "S" IC pipe rubbing on hull

    I had to grind a relief on the underside area of the hull inside the engine compartment for clearance. My "S" IC pipe kept losing its seal/developing a boost leak until I did this. Bubba @ Riva recommended I relief the hull for clearance along with using glass cleaner to clean the inside of the piping couplers and piping to ensure a good seal.

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