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    Where Does The Oil Go?

    Being I have not had the misfortune or the pleasure of tearing down a 4-Tec engine can any of the experianced HP folks explain where the oil goes once the scavage pump pulls it out of the sump? I have looked for diagrams in the service manual and every where I can when members post images of torn down engins and have never read any discussions as to how the oil is managed through the engine.

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    Someone had a diagram posted of the oiling system here. Maybe a search wil reveal or someone wil find it and re-post. I know I saw it here though.

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    Maybe I should ask this question in another way.....Can any of the motoerheads out there explain the lubrication system from the scavange pump to the pressure pump? Most have probably experianced pulling the dip stick and knowing there is a full load of oil in the engine and only seeing the tip of the dip stick with a wet tip. Most dry sump engines have a holding tank....where does the oil go in a 4Tec while in waiting for the pressure pump to lubricate the engine workings?


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