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    GPR 1200 half power. Please help.

    While unpacking, once we arrived at the last practice trip to CFW, and as the wife and I wrangled the two kids, simotaneosly trying to get the skis in the water, for one ride before it got too cold for the evening, we failed to put in one of the drain plugs in on her GPR 1200. The ski went in, I think it was ridden for a few minutes and it was anchored along the shore (fairly shallow).

    We got up in the morning and realized we had blown it (thanks to everyone who came and let me know). I blamed her, she blamed me and because I'm a d!ck and am always right, I determined it was her fault. LOL.

    It did not take long to figure out water made it into the cylinders. I pulled it out drained the hull and tried to start (hydro lock). So with Pete and I think Camo Joe (Thanks again BTW) we tipped that big SOB over and blew the cylinders out.

    We finally got it running and I took it out (5-10 minutes) but it seemed to have about half power. I replaced the plugs as they were pretty old and beaten. Still half power.

    I'm not sure what to do next. I suppose I need to check spark on each wire in case something got wet and fried. But my fear is that water got into the cases and by virtue of filling up the cases it is limiting the volume of air/fuel mixture that is getting to the cylinder. Danger of a lean sieze? Am I totally wrong?

    What next?

    Any and all advice welcome

    Thanks in advance,


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    You need to remove plugs crank over to blow water out. Put in plugs and run it for a few. Repeat process until no water is expelled. Spray some fogging oil into the jugs to help prevent rust. Check ebox for water by removing fuse cover. Running its going to be best thing, ont just let it sit

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    As soon as you can hook a water hose so you can run it. as soon as it is cranked rev it to full throttle a bunch of times. don't just hold it wide open for long just pop the throttle. the goal is to cause the engine to build enough flowing crankcase pressure to move the water that is settling in the bottom of the crankcase out through the combustion chamber. more than likely since water is heaver than air it keeps running back in the crankcase. when you ride it the water is moving up causing a bog. after you run it on the hose if it is going to sit over night spray a lot of WD40 down the spark plug holes. as soon as you can go ride it before the moisture starts rusting the crank. sometimes it takes a lot of riding to get all the moisture out. DON'T wait long surface rust can start in a short period of time.

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