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    Caught in a Hail Storm

    Man, I got caught up in a bad ass hail storm today on the lake. I was out there about 10 minutes and the sky turned black, so, there was a huge back up at the dock and of course, with my luck, I was next to last. I tied up the ski and headed for cover only thinking it was a thunder storm. Within 5 minutes, hail the size of F***** golf balls start raining down and I am thinking the ski will be trashed. This hail was so severe that a couple of guys stuck way out on a Jon boat finally made it in after it was over. There bodies looked like they were in a Paint Ball tournament with no armour, to the point, each was bleeding all over there body. NO EXAGERATION either. They were at least OK and were laughing it off. Now to the Doo. Got it home, put er in the shed, dried and wiped er off, and not so much as a pin hole nick or scratch. Flawless!!! Damn these things are made with some tough finishes.

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    Glad to hear you and your ski are both OK! Hope those guys that got granaded are feeling better today, too. Take care and beware of dark clouds.

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    the hail you say

    Red Devil,

    What lake were you on when you experienced the hail storm? Glad your ski suffered no damage.

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    Thanks Susan/Carlrre,

    I was on Lake Chesdin. Kind of small but not much traffic for the most part. Yeah, I wasn't as worried as my body being pelted as I was my Doo sitting out there helpless.

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