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    Showmepro1200: thanks for info. and im going to go check out the part

    gofastguru: will do havent thought out that thanks

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    .but it will most likely be the sorry thrue hull fittings on pump shoe are ride plate they did not put enough glue around the top side of them they will crack your hull common .riva has a kit that hooks them together stopping wobble and cracking.if so get the kits and get ready for some fun with fiberglass matt only use west systems epoxy reson polyester resins will make you cry they do not hold to smc hulls sorry about last post thinking of the gp1200 brain fart.hope this is not it but is is most likely.unless something simple.see if water is warm are cold tells alot after running to check remove battery box and look down at pump shoe fittings they can be seen easy rear ride plate fittings are hard to see .if you try and remove any of these bolts and they are any more than just easly broke loose .you need some one to hold top with vise gripps to keep from turning fitting and messing up hull hope this helps .very common. if it is the proublem pm me and i will get youon right track to fix it lots of fun

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