Hi there...

In my experience, it is VERY Rare that a vendor(Yamaha who has impressed me in this instance) impresses me when it comes to warranty service.


Because these days, Vendors are focused on reducing costs and therefore some of them have lots of loop holes and "outs" to use when something happens that is questionable or - they are just simply black and white, if you can't prove it is a manufacturing fault, they wont do it under warranty.

Well... I have had a remote control for my waverunner which is out of warranty that has been intermittent almost from day 1. It was always put down to a flat battery and never got around to replacing it... until I had mixed them up and began using the intermittent one that needed to be pressed many times to get to work - which quickly began to drive me up the wall..

I mentioned this to my dealer(even though by now, my HO Cruiser is out of warranty) and was told that it would most likely be a battery. I took my time getting around to it - just used the other remote and then when I did change the battery, it would not work at all. I rang my dealer and was told that it was $400+ AUD to get a replacement.

Another dealer whom I prefer to deal with that I didn't buy my cruiser from suggested trying to see if it needed to be re-registered with the security system on the ski itself. They at least wanted to go the extra mile to save me a few dollars in case it was something else wrong before spending the money. Hence why I will buy my next one from them - they try hard to do the best thing for the customer.

I wrote a polite and short email to Yamaha Australia advising of the issue.

They called me several times with a bit of telephone tag(I was hard to get hold of) and finally got me on the phone this morning. I discussed the scenario and they said they will try to look after me(I am thinking reduced cost here). They rang me back and went the extra mile in that they took my word for it that it was playing up whilst under warranty, looked up my Vin number in their system and rang my preferred dealer and organised for them to order it for me today - under warranty.

I think that is excellent service and very good reason to make sure that my next jetski will be a Yamaha. Probably next year....

You hear of so many stories of other brands/vendors both in this industry and others that take any opportunity to find doubt that it is not a fault of manufacturing process and get out of a warranty claim, that this makes me feel much more comfortable spending $20K PLUS AUD with Yamaha... No one talks these days of good warranty experiences much these days...

This made me feel compelled to tell everyone this very good story of Yamaha Australia...

A Big Thank you to the Representative I dealt with and Yamaha Motor Australia for doing the right thing and believing in me that I was not trying to scam anything... I am sure that with continued service mike this, many of the other brands will lose business to you guys and you will get a return on this kind of service many times over.