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Thread: gp1300r d plate

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    gp1300r d plate

    hows it going. i just bought my first ski. its a 05 gp1300r. it has 166 hrs on it and is imaculate. the guy i bought it from does not know if theres a d plate in it. it has been riddin in salt water most the time. i was thinking that with 166hrs on it there must be a d plate in it. any thoughts on it?

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    anybody have any ideas? thanks

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    With that many hours I'd say yes. Here's what to do look nd see if it has the chip. Go to how to section to point you in direction

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    You gotta pull that stinger but if the exhaust sensor has been remove and plugged most probably has a D plate...good idea to get the service manual 10-12$ online..lots good info on GH if you search D plate gp1300
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    If you pull the Cat temp sensor, the one on top of the pipe near the back, you can look inside with a borescope or perhaps use a flexible piece of plastic to try and see if it is in there. The plate will stop the plastic at the mounting plate, the cat would stop it 3" before you get to the plate part.

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