If there were to be titanium kits available to purchase would anyone be interested in buying them?

Individual kits like 4 replacement coil pack bolts, or trim bolts as well as full blown replacements (engine, hull etc)?

For you that don't know titanium is used in the marine industry quite a bit but because it is expensive isn't always used (stainless takes it's place) unfortunately. I'm realizing that Yamaha went a grade lower and put some real wacky bolts in some places that after a year of ownership I've seen stress and breakage happen on two different skis now. I have access to stainless or titanium bolts as well as titanium fastener machining capabilities (custom made hardware, minimum order req'd)

Titanium is 44-46% lighter than steel (great for our racers!) corrosion resistant/won't rust, depending on grade is stronger than grade 8 steel (highest strength rating) and I'm also looking into getting into a little bit of anodizing so gold, blue, silver, green and a few other colors may be possible.

Let me know if there is any interest or if you have any questions.