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Thread: 12f/15f intakes

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    12f/15f intakes

    Figured I put it on here. Ive been making intakes for 12f/15fs since last years when I did a season of R&D on different types of designs(the big guys designs) for my 15f. the supplier of my stock recently gave me an offer if I buy a specified amount of product then I could get a great discount. However I don’t want to sink my ship and buy all that stock unless there is more demand for my intake. So if there’s any interest let me know.

    Heres some info. On my intake design

    My tubing is mandrel bent for maximum flow and tube bend diameter. Made with high quality 6061 Aluminum tubing. The filtering element is a K&N style cotton gauze filter. The filter is capable of flowing over 900 CFM with better filtering then a comparable K&N. For added engine life and more power. Only high quality materials were used, NO short cuts here. The filter is held on by a high quality stainless steel T-bolt clamp for more even and available clamping force (your not going to have a dropped filter with my intake). The coupler is high quality silicon to stand up to the heat the intake will observe. It also has an extremely smooth transition to increase intake velocity which results in more air in and better air/fuel mixing. For you this equals more power out of the hole and more pull up top.

    Design and Quality
    •Mandrel bent,6061 Aluminum tubing
    •K&N style filtering element used for best flow and filtration
    •Only high quality stainless steel clamps used on intake
    •Mounted by stainless hardware and vibration dampening elements
    •Unlike others, the intake is designed to protect against accidental water inhalation(your engine of course)
    •Comes with oil separator and valve cover breather filters

    some pics i just sent out my last completed intake friday so heres some pics of one minus the bracket and only polished to 1000 grit which is basically a brushed look. this will give you the general idea of the design. i also included a pic. of the bend to show it is infact a mandrel bend and has retained 97%+ of its original I.D
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    A little more info about your business and all would be great!

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    ok well this is my first pwc venture. the names Adam my company name is DAS performance. for the best 4 years i have been making custom nerfs,bumpers and skids for racing atvs. then i got into a few custom out intakes and porting. with porting cae a better understanding of what goes into an intake and what actually takes place during the different cycles. so when i got my 15f i figuired it would be a good test bed as its a decent size engine and i needed more power anyways. so i spent the season trying out the big guys designs like riva ect. i came up with a few problems with each and either fixxed them or put that design to the side. ill admit im a small private buisness. but i take pride in my work and what i do. any other questions feel free to ask.

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    Is this guy still active on the forum? I'm interested in his intake. Does anyone have it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeL123 View Post
    Is this guy still active on the forum? I'm interested in his intake. Does anyone have it? ??

    DAS Performance - 1901 Bridge St. Dracut, MA 01826 - (97 453-0807

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    as of 3 weeks ago i sold my last intake set up. i plan to make more after i finish a few weeks of r&d on my current set ups. so if anyone will want one down the road let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by racingtrx450 View Post
    as of 3 weeks ago i sold my last intake set up. i plan to make more after i finish a few weeks of r&d on my current set ups. so if anyone will want one down the road let me know
    Any mods for a '07 STX 12F? CR

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    right now im not doing the intakes as all my money and time are going into my pump gas turbo set up. as for mdos you can do im pretty sure nothing has changed and everything from pre-07 12fs should work/apply

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    So what improvements in performance over RIVA's filter and freeflow exhaust?
    I'm running in stock class. The exhaust isn't allowed as yet for stock, but APBA seams willing (or my wishful thinking) to consider n/a to have a few mods as compared to the Ultra and RXP in order to even the playing field.

    I currently have the ADA advance, R&D rec ride plate & intake, RIVA sponsons, air filter, (freeflow exhaust off for nationals), and R&D fuel powershot and 2 deg pump wedge.

    I took off the reverse, mirrors, and front plastic tub. I also only fill the oil to the bottom of the dip stick when engine is level.

    Any other suggestions?

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    heres a nice intake for the 12 and 15f

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