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    Water routing for pipes...again...

    I am running the stock head with this setup and Factory Triple pipes. I am running two fittings on each exhaust manifold and dual cooling from the pump. I have been told the pipes need there water from the engine after it has exited the head instead of fresh water from the water log. I am curious as to how many holes need to be drilled in the head to get rid of the excess water being added because of this method of cooling. What kind of info do you guys have????

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    There are many opinions on pipe water routing. Not sure what is really best.

    My old triple was set up just like fpp instructions said, it worked great in Florida summer heat. No dual cooling. OEM cut head . Never had a problem. Got 60+ hours on that set up. The pipes do not need their water from the heads.

    I will start with fpp recommendations and get a baseline on the triple I am building now.

    Here a link with some pics of triple pipe boats, most have 1 outlet from the head.
    Looks like pistonwash's boat has 1 head water outlet and iirr, it was a 85+mph speed demon.

    Keep us posted on what you do...if you can, post some pics of your setup


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    As I understand it this method of routing the water is a big help in preventing the pipes from cracking as some are doing. That is why Im differing from FPP's directions. The manifolds I bought are already drilled and tapped with 3/8 barbed fittings, two for each of the three manifolds...

    I appreciate the pics but so many of the guys with pipes are using an aftermarket head....

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    Mine are drilled and tapped also for dual water.
    I am going to block one off with a 1/8' npt pipe plug.

    I have been told by Factory pipe the reason for cracked pipes is raised compression. ???

    Another well respected forum member just pm'd me and told me the reason was vibration and since they started to balance their cranks they have not had one cracked pipe.

    In the past I have only cracked the pto pipe, there was a very slight interference with the electrical box.
    Once I relocated the electrical box never had another problem.
    I have already relocated my electrical box in my current ski. It was the first thing I did before starting the pipe install.

    Hydrotoys also had interference with his electrical box and suggested that was the cause of cracked pto pipes.

    By far the majority of cracked pipes on the gpr are the pto pipe. If heat was the reason for cracking why wouldn't center and mag be cracking regularly also ?

    Just some food for thought


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    I have an idea that I will try that should work. I will let you guys know if it works. I think it should.

    Now its off to fit that PTO to check for clearance issues....

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