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    Sunday October 30th Lake Pontchartrain

    im riding sunday the oct 30 in lake ponchatrane with hoss he should have all his mods done. if you are close come on down launching at kenner boat launch bu treasure chest or bonnable boat launch.

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    Dam guys was going to come didnt see an answer to the thread from the other day. So went to the tickfaw instead.

    Rode by the launch the other day and the lake literally looked like the gulf of mexico with waves poring in.

    How was the riding today

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    Tickfaw,,,damn bro pm me next time. Riding in a river is kinda like me floating my rubber ducky in the bathtub. Fun for a minute but after that its lame. Lake temp was 66 today. That is gettin cold with that north wind. A lil choppy but not really bad at all. What you saw today if on the south shore (where I`m at) we ride full throttle in. These hulls handle awome.

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    water was cold i deffinatly need to get w wet suit didnt help the situatin that i had shorts on. but was a blast

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