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    Arrow 1999 Polaris SLH, no spark on one cylinder

    i am working on a 99 polaris slH the owner wanted me to rebuild the carburetors and fix a crack in the hull the usual simple stuff i discovered the ski was running badly not because of faulty carburetors
    it was only firing on one cylinder

    i have been all over this thing with a multi meter there is power reaching the cdi there are 4 wires that go to the coils the two wires that go to the working coil have power the two wires going to the other coil do not have any power oddly enough if you test one wire then to the main board it tests but the 2 wires together do not read i had the briliant idea to try switching the wires to each coil to the other coil and that was a bad idea it will shock the living crap out of you even with the ski off and the key not in

    i didnt think that the coil wires would have voltage when the motor was not turning does this sound like a bad Cdi everything was plugged in no loose wires i used juper wires and the multi meter to test continuity all wires tested fine except one crimp connector that didnt test i cut the junky connector off and soldered the wire and there is still no difference

    is there anything else it might be or does this sound like a half shorted out cdi

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    Does this engine have the original ignition or the Update Kit ignition?

    See my signature links for details on how to test the red domestic ignition systems. Focus on the stator coil tests and the Hall Effect sensor tests.

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