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    2001 Virage TXi fuel injected - no warm restart

    Hey guys I'm new in here I have 2 Polaris virage one of them is carbureted and I got it runing now the other one is a 2001 virage txi fuel injected and accordingly to the guy that I got them from it sound identically to this he say it will start and run fine but once it gets warm and turn off it will not turn back on for a while can this be my problem? Any help will be appreciated I'm a automobile mechanic and marine mechanic is a little more different as I can see. I also try to find the electrical box but I can't find it on the txi .

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    The "i" in TXi iddicates that it is fuel injected and runs a VERY different electrical system. The CDI Jumper wire TSB does not apply, as there is no cdi box (CDI if used in a carburated ski, there is an EMM or computer for injected skis).

    If you are having problems after it warms up, you need to look at diagnostics for a fuel injected model. Click the link in my sig aneh choose the "FICHT fuel injected" link for information on your particular ski. If the EMM needs repair, there is a company that repars them.

    Also, check the last two digits of the HIN to verify the year, typically a 2001 virage will have an electrical box (not that it will help you for troubleshooting as it is just a junction box) and the 2002+ had no electrical junction box.

    Do some reading and troubleshooting and let us know if you have any specific questions.

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    Posts moved to new thread.

    What IS common between the carb and fuel injected Virage models is the LR Start/Stop module system.

    Per my signature links, the Start/Stop module can be bypassed for testing.

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