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    I would like to get into some racing. More than just straight line encounters with boats and skis. But circuit racing of some sort. Where do I find such thing close to me? Is there a national site with racing listings?

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    You fall in region 5. There is both closed coarse (I think ?) and Super Coarse in region 5. The closed coarse has died off big time, to be honest I am not even sure if it still exist. Everyone I used to know that raced CC has either quite or jump over to SuperCoarse.
    We have a couple of Green Hulk members here that race Super Coarse, Jawz and Pappa Dawg, both do very well and are good people in the sport.
    Here is Super Coarse info:

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    All region 5's races are in Texas.Lake Byron-Somerville-Lake Belton,and Lake Dallas.Thats as close as it gets for us.

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