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    Unhappy Where did all the oil go..??

    Greetings All, I have had my 2007 250X engine seize due to what appears to be lack of oil. The very bottom of the dip stick currently shows some oil but thats all.
    The events in full: Have about 60 hours on the ski. Previous to this the machine has run without issue. I have changed the oil and filter with OEM parts with the last oil and filter change being done by a shop to also fix a tell-tail clog that had been developing. Subsequent to that, all running well and smooth.

    The second last ride I went on for a couple of hours on flat water. All went well, however after dropping the girlfriend off to get the trailer (as one must~) I went for the usual full power thrash up and down the river. During a turn, the oil warning went off. I immediately reduced power and the warning stopped. I idled back to the dock and loaded it onto the trailer. Now I live 30 meters from the boat ramp. My house is actually next to the ramp. So as soon as the ski is retrieved it is washed and flushed. I checked the oil and it was a little low but still within limits. I ran it for the flush and no problems or warnings. Ski was garaged.

    About a month later, another trip was planned and I went out to get another liter of oil. OEM as always. Only about 250 ml was needed to get the warmed ski oil level very slightly above the book illustrated index mark. So off we go again. I was mindful of the oil and temperatures and took it easier than usual; not that I regularly sit on WOT because to get the range we need for our regular run a half power setting is a comfortable speed and ride. It was a clear day, light winds and very smooth ride on the river, we had been riding for some 45 min. I was keeping a very close eye on the RPMs and boost. As it was so smooth I noted the boost at about 50% and that the RPMs were hunting up and down very slightly, perhaps one to two needle widths, random, not rhythmical. Then a small thud and complete stop. No warnings, no indications. Bit of white smoke out the back that cleared fairly soon. Engine Kaput, seized. Called my Mum for a rescue (As you do~!)

    I suspected a dropped valve or drive line problem, I was very surprised to see such low oil level. No oil in the hull.
    So, Riddle me this, Batmen....
    1. Do I need to clear the warning for them to be able to show again?
    2. Where did all the oil go? No noticeable smoke from the exhaust, if it was burning it like a 2 stroke at that rate would I have seen smoke?
    3. Is there any possible way of mis-connecting lines from a service that would lead to this problem? No noticeable oil from the tell tail.
    4. Will getting the remaining oil tested be of any use in determining the problem? If I have dropped a valve or some other mechanical issue, is it possible that all the oil has gone to cavities in the engine its not supposed to that would account for depletion? I dont know enough about engines in general or these particular motors to work it out, Im just guessing.

    I am looking at an engine removal and strip by the looks of it however if theres anyone out there that can relate to this issue it would be much appreciated
    .....need to....ride...agian....soooon....

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    If it ran out of oil the end result will not be a dropped valve, more likely a connection rod bearing.

    No idea where the oil is.

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    ok thanks. Im not expecting a cheap fix. Thinking I may remove the engine myself and put onto an engine stand, then see if theres anything obvious. Im hoping I will only have to get one end of the engine repaired/rebuilt....

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    sounds expensive which ever way you look at it low oil or no oil has more than likely caused damage top and bottom. keep us informed of what you find when you tear it down, remove the spark plugs this may indicate which cylinder went walkies

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    Have you ever had your jet pump serviced? There is a history of the jet pump bearings failing in early Ultra 250/260 skis - when the bearings go, the forward thrust of the impeller is forced into the back of the engine via the PTO coupler, the internal thrust bearings fail in quick order, the crank, etc can get messy very quickly. There's plenty of info on this that you can find with a search, and others may want to chime in on weather they think the symptoms fit, but it sounds like a possibility to me, especially if your pump has never been checked.

    Best of luck

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    Looks like its going to need a full strip and look see. The result of the damage will point to the direction of the cause of the failure, or vise versa~! The Jet Pump issue I have been reading about on this forum recently, it is also a definite possibility and I will be inspecting the driveline as and when I get the time to have a proper look at it. Considering I have had the ski for just on 3 years and done about 40 hours on it, its difficult to justify spending too much time on it, let alone money, but one does not ride jetskis to save time or money~! I just wish I would get to buy something for once that worked....Looking at the cost of parts and the cost of repair, I may actually be better off parting out the machine and getting a newer one....see, here I go again~!!!

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