Re: Region 1 race schedule?

Spoke w/Ross yesterday and this was his response.
He said it was ok to post.
I agree, most of us donít want to spend the time and
$$ if only a few racers show up (like 3 on the line) jmo.
Thanks Ross.


I had a lot of feedback about Castaic in March and that fact that it would be too "cold" etc. so I am going to open the season in Parker in April - 20 & 21 as we normally do as I learned a valuable lesson from the racers about their committing to races (ie: Castaic) so I would rather err on the side of caution for 2013 and build up racing incrementally and add races during the good weather months rather than take an unnecessary risk and have a financial disaster (which I can't afford). I am in the process of finalizing everything for 2013 and waiting on a few call's/emails to make some decisions and then I'll go public. If you want to let the masses know that you spoke to me and what's up and to please be patient I am working on a lot of things for the 2013 season.

Thanks Bill.


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