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    Power valves and couplers question

    I have a stock 03 1300r. I just bought some low hour updated power valves to replace my old ones. When I got them in the mail, all but one is damaged. I don't feel they should be used but I am not an expert so I will ask the pros here. Can I used uses these pv's?

    This one looks like it has some grinding on it, i guess to try and fix the damage?

    Also are these couplers complete? if not what is missing.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    i think theres supposed to be a washer with the couplers you could probably double check at if you decide not to use powervalves i have 3 good ones i am selling cheap

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    Those power valves look like they came out of a big bore cylinder. you would be better off with stock ones than them.
    I don't like the wave eater couplers as they wear the shafts and you end up with more play in the couplers.

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    I would think that damage should not make a difference. It's near impossible to get the valves to all open together anyway.
    I highly recommend the R & D replacement valves - I've broken (3) OEM before I switched over.

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    I don't think I would use those valves, you don't know how true they are after being hit, and what potential weakness is now in the shaft. Couplers, I have seen the waveater couplers roll pins wear grooves in the shaft causing more play. All the contact is on the small diameter pin against the shaft. I like to take the stock shafts and close up the slots a tiny bit, then the stock couplers with their wide and long big surface area fit tight and don't have any play.

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