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    pump shoe insert help!!

    Hello to all, I am new here and new to the pwc world. This weekend i was putting a PPK in both of my xl1200's (1999 models). Out of 8 inserts 6 spun i managed to get them tightened back up with vice grips and the kit installed but my question is will they hold and not give me problems. I put some 5200 on the tops of the inserts to hold them but i forgot to re-loctite the bolts now i dont know if i will get them out. Any suggestions will be appreciated thanks in advance

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    Probably the next time you want too un-tighten the bolts the inserts will spin again ,only putting some 5200 on the top of the inserts will not hold them
    Bolts without loctite will come out easier then bolts with loctite applied, if the inserts are giving no problem at the moment i would leave them alone, next time when you want to remove the rideplate you better use new (upgraded) inserts.

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