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Thread: Scat Pumps

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    Scat Pumps

    Are all 14 vien Scat pumps the same? I mean are the Scat pumps that are put on yamahas the as other manufactors like seadoo or polaris? What I want to know is can you take a scat pump from one ski to another I know props will need to be changed but are the bolt patterns the same?

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    They are a totally different set up, for each manufacture. I know the Polaris and the Sea-Doo will not work.
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    Figure the housings for all pumps are different. The thing they do better is viens/props/wear rings etc...

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    In most cases Scat takes a stock vien assembly,machines out the viens,and inserts thier own vien/bearing assembly.In other words you could look at the pump and not know its a scat till you look inside and see the different vien configuration.I believe they also have thier own made completely from stainless steel,but the reconfigured pumps with the stock houseings,are not as pricey and perform the same,therefore there are many more of these converted units around.All pumps have there own bolt patterns so there is no way to swap.Hope this helps.
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