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    How-To: Spark Plugs

    It's a good idea to change the plugs once a year on any 4 tec. Always change them after the first ride of the season, never before.

    It's a fairly quick process. I'll add the plug model numbers later.

    1) remove the dip stick and the cover over the plugs.

    2) disconnect cable from coils. since they are short there will be no problem with keeping track of where they go.

    3) twist and pull each coil boot off the plug.

    4) using compressed air clean out the hole to remove any gunk.

    5) I use the smaller spark plug socket with out the rubber gasker and unscrew the plug.

    6) use the coil boot to remove the plug, careful not to drop any gunk into the engine.

    7) after all 3 plugs are removed use the coil boot to insert the new plugs. give each one a turn and hand tighten with the socket then 1/4 turn. (make sure you remove the thread cap on the plug)

    i have the sea doo synthetic waterpoof grease and apply a small amount on the boots before reinserting.

    9) reattach the coil cables, plastic engine cover and oil dipstick.

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    Thanks Mike,

    Where was this thread the day before yesterday??

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    Thanks Mike

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    Having a problem with my ski at the moment.. and really not sure if it is the plugs.. The ski seems to be a bit jolty, like theres a coil working and then it's not. Low RPM etc.

    Things is, i just replaced 2 faulty coils, so they should be fine now and i still have a problem! It's like, no speed..

    Thought i'd have a look at the plugs, pulled them all out.. but being 19 and a newbie i have no idea what im looking for!
    Heres some pics,
    I thought maybe if anything the one on the left looks a bit stuffed?

    Any help is muchly appreciated! And no, it is not the supercharger! :P haha, i def. have the metal washers in it!
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    I would definitely replace those plugs. They look old. The 1 on the left looks rusted. They're cheap. Replace them.

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    Spark Plug Gap 4-tec

    Gap the New Plugs at .030 also

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    Thanks, I know I have read it before but can't seem to find which thread it is in, which are the best plugs to run in a 4tec? I thought i remember them being denso iridium or something?

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    The denso are definately the most expensive; some like them and some don't... Ron

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTrin View Post
    Always change them after the first ride of the season, never before.
    Anybody care to explain this a little further? Is it just an issue of removing the plugs after sitting all winter? Possible problems with stripping the head?

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    It's a question of putting in new plugs and starting the engine with all the fogging oil in the cylinders. Every year I see this at the marina - people have the plugs changed then have the engines fogged. Guess what happens when lots of oil gets burned on new plugs. Start the engine and burn off the fogging oil for 1/2 hour or so, then put in new plugs... Ron

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