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    My experience on this forum!

    I just felt compelled to write a post about my time here.

    I joined only a few weeks ago & the reason is that I bought a Virage TX 1200.

    I have hopped up cars & bikes (quads) all my life & currently ride a Polaris Outlaw 500..

    I started reading here & went looking for a reverse bucket for my ski, as a new rider thought it may help me steer it better when putting it on the trailer.. Which it has..

    I was given advice to ask Crazy A & he did have one.. He is the main reason I write this post.

    I ended up getting the reverse bucket, cable, & mechanism. The deal was very good, he went to great lengths to get a paypal account so I could pay him easily, packed the stuff so well, it arrived perfect condition.

    He said the parts were in "good" condition, but they (imo) were like new!

    I couldnt have asked for more..

    But that isnt the end, I sent Crazy A a PM, after reading about his wealth of knowlegde on the Virage, on how to hop up my ski...

    He went to great lengths to help me, sent me links, advice & more than I could describe here!

    I must have 20 plus pms, with advice, & help that was way more than I expected, however I am extremly greatful...

    I dont know how I could thank him, if he were here in Australia, I would call him my mate & would buy him a beer! lol...

    Crazy A is a legend!

    He is a credit to this forum & makes this forum the best PWC forum on the net...

    Thanks Art..

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    I think everyone here is the same way. Lots of people here have helped me and I am still getting help for my "girl boat" as BeerDart calls it. LOL

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    OV: yes I agree, plenty of people have offered advice & help, it was just that Crazy A went way beyond what I could have ever asked, just a great guy!

    When I thanked him via PM, he just said that what makes this forum so great!

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    Crazy is a good egg!!!

    As are most of the people on this forum not just Polariiiii!!!!!

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    WOW... I don't know what to say except, no problem, and thanks!!! Anytime I can help, I try.

    I would like to mirror the other guys statements too... everybody here is just awesome!!! Everybody has their forte' and I just happened to know the answers to exactly what you asked. Call me lucky I guess.

    Anyhow, PM me anytime OZ, I love to see those virages wakeup!!!

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    I got to say he has helped me out too. Good guy for sure.

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    That is the way it should be.
    There are some fantastic people on this forum.
    Good work!

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    yea he just sent me a polaris wrist lanyard strap...thanks alot

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    I couldn't agree more....If it weren't for the people on this forum, my ski would still be in pieces in my garage.

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    i could not agree more!!!!!! crazy has helped me with everything i did not even know how to make a reply on this site till i hooked up with him he has posted almost all the pics i have sent him.ARTIE is a great guy , hence the name (KINF AURTHOR AS I LIKE TO CALL HIM LOL. WE TALK on a daily basis, about the projects we are doing he and mark really turned some heads with that matrix, we built him a fast motor but they did the tuneing and made it fly, the best engine builders motors will only fly if they have a good tuner wrenching on it SO THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP KING ARTIE

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