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    Seadoo 951/947 carbs on a GPR?

    I had a set of GP1200r and seadoo 951 carbs sitting out on my bench and noticed the 951's looked like they had a larger bore. Measured them out and sure enough the bottom plate opening is 44 mm on the GPR carb's and 46 on the 951's. GPR venturi 40 and 951 is 42. As I remember they are both "I" versions of the Mikuni .

    Has anyone tried using the 951 carbs on the GPR? Looks like it may be a fairly cheap/simple upgrade that may match the Group K 1400 kit I'm installing. ie. each bore on the 951 engine is about 475cc and on the 1400 it's 467cc. I'm also guessing the 951's jetting would be a good place to start with tuning the 1400.

    Any thoughts would be welcome

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    I'll be the first one to say that the stock GPR carbs are more than enough for all but the absolute top skis. A couple of us are over 80 with the stockers, so I'm not sure it would be of any benefit to try those out.

    But hey, give it a shot and let us know.

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