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    Pub Crawl capers keep cops occupied - Lake of the Ozarks

    This is pretty interesting, 12 buses!

    Lake's Mardi Gras tallies 12 buses, 13 bars and 14 arrests

    Feb 12, 2007LAKE OF THE OZARKS - Lake area police made more than a dozen arrests last weekend as party goers moved from bar to bar in honor of the lake's unofficial Mardi Gras.

    Local restaurants and bars band together for the annual bar hop. A dozen buses transported patrons to 13 participating businesses as part of Saturday's advertised Pub Crawl.

    Officers responded to a steady stream of bar brawls, medical calls, noise complaints and other disputes.

    Lake Ozark Police requested back-up after a 911 caller said nearly 50 people were involved in a scuffle outside of Risky's Sports Bar about 1 a.m. Sunday.

    When police arrived, they found a large crowd gathered in the parking lot, Lake Ozark Interim Police Chief Scott Patrick said. A total of seven people were taken into custody for fighting in public.

    Just minutes before the parking lot incident, police had arrested two people for fighting in connection with a separate dispute that occurred outside the bar entrance.

    Also around the same time in Osage Beach, police were called to a fight on one of the pub crawl-sponsored charter buses parked in front of Eddie's Sports Bar and Restaurant.

    By the time police arrived, the bus had left but a man was spotted urinating in the parking lot. He was arrested for public urination and later released.

    In an earlier incident, police were dispatched to what a caller described as a suspected alcohol poisoning at the Inn at Grand Glaize around 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

    They walked in on the tail end of a fight, where a crowd had assembled in the lobby after the altercation spilled over from the bar.

    Two men allegedly began arguing over a woman, when one man punched the other in the face. Another man standing nearby allegedly began choking the victim, according to information provided by the Osage Beach Police Department.

    The man that threw the punch was taken into custody.

    Police were forced to spray the man with mace after he tried to flee. He was issued a summons to appear in court on misdemeanor assault charges.

    The choking suspect is still at large.

    The victim received four stitches to the cheek.

    According to Osage Beach Police Chief David Severson, about 10 officers participated in a saturation patrol organized in conjunction with the pub crawl.

    Police nabbed two drunken drivers and took four people into protective custody.

    Lake Ozark also reported arresting one drunken driver.

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    That sounded like 1 hellofaparty!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtpmedic View Post
    That sounded like 1 hellofaparty!!!
    5 months and we'll be there...

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    Thumbs down

    Sound slike a bunch of dumbasss`.

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