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    06 RXP Air Intake - In the Mirrors - Any one try this??

    As my search for a Riva front hood air intake is not going so well I need t find another way of getting fresh air in.

    Rear air is a no go as I spend half the time in the air jumping. Rear air vent has to be blocked to attempt to reduce water intake to the hull.

    What I am thinking is making the mirror pods into air intakes with frogzskins over them, that feed into the front bucket that is turned to a water / air separation unit and from there feed the Kanaflex.

    Then, by way of an attwood blower or alike converting the air intake that sits below the glovebox to a hot air out vent.

    My thinking for this is that after watching lots of videos of me jumping, the mirrors don't seem to go under the water to often as where anywhere up to the glove box does.

    Thoughts please, has anyone tried this? If so pitfalls etc.


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    If water intrusion is that much of a concern I would go 4" front and call it good. By the time you reduce an intake enough to get them through your mirror spaces and then cover them with flo-rite've pretty much killed any and all benifits with seeking clean air to begin with.

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