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    polaris 1200 FFI engine re-install.

    Hi there hope every one had a good xmas, Have fully rebuilt motor now and getting ready to install
    Because i brought ski in pieces am unsure of a few things. I have bolted on the exhaust manifold already can i fit motorwith this on?
    Also do i attach the engine mounting plates to motor now or in the hull? Also can i leave the drive shaft in place and drop the motor into position?
    Thanks again for all your help Cheers Mark.

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    I always install with the manifold off. Makes life easy. Bed plated need to be installed on the motor before it is dropped in. Remove he driveshaft for end motor install.

    Have fun.

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    You can get them in with the exhaust manifold on. If anything it gives you more to grab on to while trying to drop it back in the hull. Some of the manifold bolts are harder to get a torque wrench on if you try to install it while in the hull.

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    I have not done a Genesis engine install, but on other models I have been able to maneuver the engine through the opening with exhaust manifold in place. And the engine mount plates need to be well torqued with Loctite, so I would do that with the engine out of the hull.

    What makes it MUCH easier is to hang the engine from a chain hoist and gradually lower it through the seat opening while twisting and jigging the engine to clear. You can buy or make engine hooks that thread into the spark plug holes, or wrap the engine with a web strap and use that to hang the engine from the chain hoist. The key is to be able to slowly lower the engine and adjust it as needed to wiggle through the opening.

    Don't forget to pre-install the starter motor and the starter motor red cable

    Driveshaft should be out.

    Make sure the engine mounts in the hull are in good condition and properly torqued down, with Loctite. Engine mount shims should be returned to the same positions they were in before, as a starting point for proper engine alignment.

    I recommend checking the engine alignment with the proper tool. Sometimes you get lucky and the engine ends up in the correct place, but sometimes the old shims need rejigging or adding/subtracting to get the drive shaft to properly align with the engine coupler.

    Before you tighten the engine mount nuts, make sure you can get the exhaust pipe in position and get the bolts in. You may need to tilt the engine to one side to get the pipe fitted.

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