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    Merry Christmas DJSA ~

    Yes Chris Wattier it’s true, I’m a world class poet – even though you didn’t know it, and this Christmas writing is just for you -
    (and about 100 other people)

    Some were naughty, most were nice, most played by the rules of the game, and didn’t have to take the walk of shame…
    Some were fast and some were faster, even the ones who got mad at me a few times and called me a basta….
    At jet effect Nicole made me realize I must be allergic to Jack, but after 7 years of this outlaw racing stuff, I guess there’s no turning back… but in the early morning hours of it now being Christmas, about all I can “jes sayin” say is ~

    Wolff, JWilson, Dewar, DelaRosa, Yamamoto, Girling, Hickey Jr, Barton, SWilson, Sims, Jonny X2, Wenzel, Younger, Greene, Kranich, Pagen, Huffman, Gomes, Konefat, Park, Gray, Roberts, Prodanovich, Robson, Brisbee, Machado, Rennie, Ross, Lojewski, Eddy, Lacayo, Loder, Milina, Cook, Harden, Bullard, Ward, Tate, Templeton, Stegman, Haag, Carmouche, Alexander, Dewar, Becker, Araiza, Glissman, Filipe, Williamson, Workman, Fuhrman, Knowlden, Frendian, Mendoza, Vassallo, Muscara, Zernik, Pagen, Roberts, Troegner, Gidley, Wattier, O’Sullivan, Gardemeyer, Schembri, Hewitt, Dixon, Crawford, Janeway, McFarlane, Mallari, Booker, Angeles, Alamillo, Knollenberg, Lumadue, Robinett, Rivera, Raibley, Leu, Yee, Arluck, Shanklin, Ignacio, Bill Mark Martin Wilson, Cottle, Boggs, Jiminez, Bob Wilson, Pedrotti, Habel, Mendez, Fuller, Tanaka, Saale, Beresford, Selph, Miguel, Silva, - and juniors Templeton, Zernik, Burney, Shabouni, Hiller, Holden, Chattaway and Chattaway, Chambers, Gidley, Leu, Knowlden, Furhman, and little Cienna Ward – and enduro warriors Friebe, Gerner, Walker, Tew, Habel, Vanis, Pham, Bergen, Brown, Kuan, Conner, Hoa, Kataoka, Newton, Heropoulos, Lew, Dobbins, Ngyun, Roque, Phan, Tony Le, and to special friends Schrock and Schrock, Hall, Gutierrez and Gutierrez, Lovan, Lago, Chattaway, Stellhorn, Knollenberg and Knollenberg, Lambert, Beltram, Mandy Gutierrez, Zernik, Ward, Wolff, Ignacio and Ignacio, Carlos Thomas, Drexel, Robson, Dewar, DelaRosa, Traci Cottle, Barnhardt, Derrick and Taunia and the Ski Clinic team, Debi, Mark, and Tony Nunes,Yellich, Orr, Chambers, GKR, Redline, Muscle Milk, Jettribe, Fly, K-38, Eagal Lakes, Save Mart, Little Ceasars, Les Schwab, and Leland Insurance Company, the awesome people and staffs at Antioch, Camp Far West, Suisun City, Pittsburg, Lake Minden, Chowchilla, and Eagal Lakes - “Merry Christmas to each of you, your families, your kids, and your crews!!!”
    (If I left anyone out it will make me sad, but it’s only from working long hours and a lack of caffine that makes it “my bad”)

    Christmas is probably the biggest family holiday of the year, and when I think of family I think of all of you. We’ve done a lot of cool things, we’ve visited a lot of cool places, and we had a heck of a lot of fun this past season, but the best part about it was – we did it safe and we did it looking out for each other as a racing family. On and off the water you have given me a constant unique feeling of pride in knowing each of you, and on this special morning when the kids will be ripping into carefully wrapped presents to see what’s inside – you’ve made me realize – that I’m the luckiest kid in the world to be able to share all these jetski racing memories with you! Thanks for the best gift of all – which is knowing each and everyone of you
    Merry Christmas, and a Safe and Happy New Year to you all…
    “jes sayin”


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    Merry Xmas Jim!

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    Merry Christmas to the DJSA family.

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    Merry Christmas DJSA ~

    Merry Christmas DJSA! Yeah Baby!

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    Better late than never. Happy Hollidays and New Years Jim and DJSA crew.

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