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    broke some ultra cv carb parts

    Never worked on one before, apparently they are not quite as robust as the Miks. I bought an ultra with the motor removed and somewhat rebuilt; the one carb was apart as well. When putting it back together, I snapped the plastic nut that holds the needle valve in(with a deep well socket and my hand, didn't even have a ratchet.) Cracked the damn vacuum valve trying to remove the remainder of the nut. Looked at the price for OEM, not good. It also needs a throttle shaft, a throttle blade, and a bushing, which, according to Riva, aren't even available. Should I just cut my losses and get some A/M carbs? How much am I looking at if I do that? Novi, buckshot? opinions? Haven't ridden an ultra, ever, and will get this thing running if it breaks me.

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    I have a set that's like new there in the classified I paid over a grand for them...i'm asking $400

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