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    Boat/Jetski paint/powder coat shops?

    Anywhere in the Ellington/Vernon/Manchester area preferably, have a place that will paint a jetski for a decent amount of money?

    Would also like a place that will do powder coating


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    Governors Autobody in East Hartford for body work, competitive edge coatings in south Windsor for powder coat

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    Contact Nick Bengston 860 993 7258. He is in middletown. Excellent painter with lots of experience doing pwcs. He gets $150 per side for stand ups and $200 per side on sit downs. Price includes single stage paint and prep. Base/clear, body work, etc is all priced on an individual basis obviously. His work is top notch and his prices are great. Very professional. He also does airbrushing. You can find him on FB.

    As far as powdercoating, I am about to try a place in Branford for the first time. Its called "Shoreline coatings". Ill post up the results.

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    Anywhere in Miami fl ? I really need to paint my ski and want it professionally done this time

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    This is where I dropped off my stuff yesterday for Powdercoat

    Trevor King
    Shoreline Coatings LLC
    (203) 213-3471

    The price for two heads, two complete factory pipes, and some misc little stuff was $230. I thought that was reasonable. Should have the parts back next week.

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    230 for heads, pipes and other stuff too? Damn thats nice. So the painter guy, $200 each side? Not sure what that means, like, $400 for a sitdown? What would he charge for a gp1200r top and bottom? Does he have a website0facebook? PMed you as well

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    Yes. $300 for a standup or $400 for a sitdown. That's single stage w prep and paint.
    Base/clear and other types of paints are priced out on an individual basis.
    Those prices only include prep. Any actual bodywork would be separate.

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    His name is nick bengston on FB or you can call him. His number is posted in my reference thread.

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