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    XL700 - Seized-up?

    I'm helping out a buddy on this one. I think this is a 2004 model.

    This unit has sat idle for most of the Summer 2012, not winterized/summarized. So now, starter relay just clicks, engine won't turn over. We know the battery cables are good and juice is getting to the starter motor, battery is fresh.

    Question is, should I be able to move the impeller? Right now, it's just seized in place. Seems the drive train is locked, it ran before sitting for 6 months. Isn't drive train 'free wheeling' ? If I remove the plugs, shouldn't I be able to turn the engine over by turning the impeller by hand? Or, for that matter, just rock-it back and forth? This seems to be the root of the problem to me.


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    Yes you should be able to turn the shaft by hand with the plugs out

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    Check the pump to see if anything is stuck in between the impeller and wear ring or the wear ring is hitting the impeller.

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    Maybe wear ring has corroded and seized on impeller? Had it happen on a 1100 Raider.

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    check you wear ring first.....

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    Thanks guys, great suggestions! I'll relay the info to my colleague and report back..............

    Quote Originally Posted by dockwalker View Post
    Maybe wear ring has corroded and seized on impeller? Had it happen on a 1100 Raider.

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