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Thread: lithium Battery

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    lithium Battery

    All welcome! What do you think about the use of Li battery?
    where I saw on sale for 4 tec skis, who used them and how they are better?

    If anyone knows, tell me where to buy?

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    Well I have Never Used Them In ski's But Have used Them in Race Cars (small fuel cell in Trunk) and cant say enough good things (long life Hold far more charge run time than your nicad acid based battery) however they can be very dangerous as well highly flammable and explosive. If I have a opinion I say No way specially since there so close to the gas Tank I can't Tell you How many I seen Go Up in Flames for no apparent reason. do a search for lipo fires.

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    I put a ballistic 16 cell in my GTX 4 tech - weighs 4 pounds and half the size - never missed a beat - amazing battery

    Fire not a issue with these


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    i've been running the ballistic 16 cell for almost 2 years no issues.....

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    If anyone knows, tell me where to buy?

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    Get one from R&D. I used this one for quite awhile in my Seadoo during the testing phase and it worked great. and, the weight savings is amazing.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stock battery weight.JPG 
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ID:	288921Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stock vs new.JPG 
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Name:	new battery weight.JPG 
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    22.2lbs vs 4.8lbs. you can use a regular battery charger(other Lion batteries require special chargers and are made in China-these are made in the USA).
    Read the above post(s) for more information.
    yes, it's expensive, but it will probably out last your PWC. And, it can even start a GMC Yukon V8(I know-I tried it). try starting your car with one of those cheap Chinese Lion batteries....good luck with that.

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    We use "lipo Sacks" for a reason I almost took out a whole complete race trailer

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    I wonder why I do not see this R@D battery Jerry in the store? Jerry kindly comment on whether you have these batteries and whether discount on them?
    Perhaps the absence of this product in your store, as it is associated with poor test results of these batteries?

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