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    Hi Everybody!!! New to forum, but love reading all the interaction!! I have a question for all you out there. I own a 2008 rxt 255, and love it!!! But, a few days ago a 2005 RXT 215 sort of fell into my lap. It's a basket case, don't know the history behind it, but the hull is in good shape, and it appears to have all the engine componets inside, and in boxes inside the hull. It may be missing some parts, but all the main parts are there. My question is this, how big a deal, and how much money, would it cost to make if faster than my 255?? Is it possable to build the 215 to go 80+ without sinking boat loads of $$$ into it?? The motor is already apart, and I've been looking at stuff online, but would kind of like to get everybodys opionion on what to spend the money on, priority wise. IE: bore block and put in pistons and rings, redo turbo, put $$ into head work, comp chip, etc etc. Would love to hear from anyone out there. Also, would I be better off just to find a 255 motor and do a swap?? I can spend about $800-$1500 on motor, but maybe more if I have to. Thanks for all your help!!

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    It takes more than 1500 to make it run 80.
    Without knowing what it needs to run its hard to say how much $$$ your going to spend.

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    going fast is not cheap
    get the motor running first then see how much $ you have to work with
    Welcome to the GH

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    Welcome to the forum.
    80 on that couch want be cheap.
    I have an 05 RXT that will run with your T X (73-75) and easily have 1500 in it.
    To run 80 you will need high rpm, strong motor, new valves and kit, fueling, a big charger, external intercooler, way to monitor your AFR, and all supporting mods.
    Just what I listed should give you a bottom line cost.
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    You realize these engines are supercharged, not turbo right?
    The 255 and 215 engines are the same. Just different bolt ons.

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    Get it running stock,sell it and invest the profit on your RXT-X

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    Also, if you have a basket case motor, you do realize that you can easily spend more than $1500 just to rebuild the engine back to stock, right? Parts for these engines are expensive. I usually figure $2K to rebuild right with good parts. And you could put another $2K to get it to 80. So you might be looking at $4K to get 80 with that ski.

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    Ok, thanks for the reply. But, that being said, where should I put the money in first?? I've had race boats all my life, so bang for your dollar was always, Carborator, exhust, intake first, then u could go more expensive by tearing down the engine and doing cam, bore and stroke etc etc etc. So, where does the smart money go first???

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