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    Finding SC washer failure damage?

    Hey Greenhulk,

    I have an 04 RXP I purchased from a dealer locally with 100hrs on it. They claimed the SC was rebuilt as a precaution but I am somewhat sceptical. I was not able to ride the ski much at all before the lake froze over but when I did, I got an oil warning light whenever crossing the 3500RPM mark (oil level is fine). I purchased both oil sensors hoping that is the issue but was never able to test them out and have not put an Oil P gauge on yet.

    Today I pulled the head and am sending it out to have new valves put in and am wondering if there is anything I can look at or check that would have been damaged should a SC washer have failed on this motor in the past, while the head is off.

    I am not qualified to pull the motor and check the oil pump for damage so that is not an option...

    Thanks, Tyler

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    If it had a ceramic washer failure..... most of that crap would have gone straight to the front oil pump. You can remove that pump, and inspect it without pulling the engine.

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    I've seen the oil sensors cause your issues.
    Pull that oil pump on the front of the motor.
    If its plugged up it could also cause the oil light to come on.
    I've seen those screens so plugged they bend inward because the oil pump is trying to pull oil thru while plugged.

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    You will also see scoring to the oil pump rotor and housing if it ate a washer.

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    make sure the plug on the front oil sensor was not plugged on backwards as there is only one wire in the plug and it can go on the wrong way causing oil warning

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