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    Fulton Swing-Away: any sag?

    I'm considering adding a Fulton swing-away to our double trailer for more storage clearance.
    I don't doubt the integrity but is there any sag at all at the pivot joint while in use?


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    Fulton Swing-Away: any sag?

    I have a friend with one on his boat trailer and it works well. Don't recall any sag.

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    Its a pretty heavy duty piece. I wouldnt worry about it. A PWC trailer is not that heavy in the whole scheme of things.

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    I have a hinged extension on my 2008 Triton Elite double PWC trailer. Added about 36 inches to the tongue length to give me more room on the trailer for storage box, spare tire, trailer jack, etc.

    And it allowed me to get the trailer farther down the launch ramp before the tow vehicle tires get wet.

    There is very little 'slop' in the cast metal joint when in use. Overall it is sturdy and not a worry. The extra length overall meant the tongue section does have a little more sag than without the extension. I compensated by using a trailer ball mount with a couple of inches more rise.

    The key is to have the main section of the trailer frame (where the watecraft are located) level when both trailer and tow vehicle are fully loaded and ready for the road. Since there is a small amount of sag in the tongue area, that means for me that the top of the tow ball is an inch or two higher so that the majority of the trailer frame is level.

    On rough roads there is more tongue flex than before, but most of that is from the extra tongue length, not from the joint.

    Overall I am happy with the extended tongue and would do it again.

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    I put the Fulton Swing-Away (hinge only) on my 98 speedster trailer so it would fit nicely in the garage. I got it on ebay for about $50 and it has been well worth it. I have not had any noticeable sag in my setup.

    Mine is the bolt on setup and the hardest part is making sure I keep everything straight. A mechanic told me a trick to achieving a straight cut on the tongue. Make two lines using a square all the way around the tongue about 1/4" apart. Using your favorite cutting tool, mine is a saw-zaw, cut between the two lines. Then use a angle grinder to grind both sides square to the previously drawn square lines. After that just follow the instructions and make sure to use red loc-tite and properly torque.

    Visit a local hardware store to get longer safety chains but make sure they can handle the load and then some. Remember if you tongue comes off the hitch you now have a lot more slack in the safety chains making it a lot harder to control. I hope it never happens but if it does be prepared for a fight and damage to the tow vehicle.
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    Mine has no sag and is a very solid piece

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