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    dayglow yellow registration numbers

    I am looking to buy registration decals for 2012 rxpx 260 in the same style as the seadoo text (black with outer order in day glow yellow. Anyone can suggest where to buy?

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    You will hve to have them custom made at a sign shop....No one makes them

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    Hello, I could not locate just what I was looking for numbers, so I went to a sign / graphics co. locally. They made e a set of numbers just the way I wanted them and only cost $25
    They are white with red shadow outline ...... look super!

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    now to find the font seadoo uses,

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    anyone find such printing shops or premade reg

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    Igor, I used Sign Specialist - here's the link to their Custom Boat numbers:
    You'll have to first find and download the SeaDoo font from the internet (Google) and I'm pretty sure it's called "Sea Dog". I did this a few years back and it came out real nice. I can post pix if you're interested before going through the hassle. I may also still have the font download, but I'm not sure...

    EDIT: Found a download for the fonts: Of course, I can't account for the validity of the download/download site...

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    I want to do some custom registration numbers on my ski. I found the sea dog font that matches some of the lettering. Anybody know what font the RXT & RXP outline letters are done in?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Register on and post that picture in their forum under font ID. If its on the interwebz you'll get a response with positive ID in a few hours usually.

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    Probably a little late, but offers dayglow numbers. A bit pricey, but they look like they would match perfectly.

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    a number of forum members have vinyl cutters and can make some decent stuff (me included!)

    I do standard numbers (any font for $25 a set, $40 if I have to install em)

    I don't do a lot of special stuff as material is expensive and if I don't have it on the shelf, I often do the job, make zero profit and have a 10 yard roll of specialty vinyl I may never use again. I got into the number biz as a customer amazing number of people didn't have reg numbers on their skis..and that would often result in a summons.

    good reason to go to a large sign joint that has everything imaginable in inventory..a google should turn up some very very nice internet sites for guys strictly in the vinly biz if you don't hook up with a member that has lots of materials.

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