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Thread: Which FXHO?

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    Which FXHO?

    Just putting the feelers out, which FX would make a better offshore ski for racing?

    The 1.8 2010 model or the newer 2012 models? Both flat and in the chop, which is faster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scittb View Post
    Gez, not much too go on that and coming from someone who appears to have had xlt and fzs.
    After some constructive advise from owners that have had both, on paper the newer model looks bigger & heavier which may not make a better quicker ski, when the power plant is the same?
    So which is best in flat, med chop and large chop? Top speeds?

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    because its been race proven already! Also has a bigger tunnel that pre 12's.......
    Research has been done and spoke to many that have ridden both!
    Dont need to own one to have the knowledge about them;0)

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    No you don't but "2012" as an answer does not really give much answer to why it is better.

    So the later HO model has a bigger pump, what does this do for the ski?
    So in a drag race the newer is faster?

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    bigger tunnel not pump, dont know about if anyone has used them in drag racing, u asked about off shore. Bigger tunnel does offer better hole shot though.

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    The winners in Offshore generally have the quicker ski, so if at a flat race event the winner on the day will be the person with the quickest ski. I race stock apart from handling items (plate/grate etc...) So would be ver good to know which ski was quicker both out the hole and on the run, what do they top out at on GPS.

    Some one here must of had both ski's and can comment on which they think was generally faster and better handling???

    For example I had the Ultra LX when they first came out here in 2008, and when I rode with the FXHO's (pre 08's, so the 1.1 R1 engine version) I can say they were about 2 mph faster top end and maybe slightly quicker out the hole, the only time the LX was faster was in med-large swell when the hull would come into it's own. Alot was down to rider ability in the larger stuff, but I did feel my Ultra was slightly better there but that was it, FX was better flat, small chop and about even in the mid chop.

    So how do the latest 2 variants of the FXHO's (not SHO) compare?

    Like I said looking on paper the newer looks bigger and heavier, so it may be a better boat in the rough, but is it worth it? I am guessing the slightly older version may be faster out the hole and top end on the flat-med chop?


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    The 2012 Hull would be the better Offshore Hull. It's bigger, more "V", and it is heavier (at least it feels heavier to me). For Offshore, "faster" is better than "quicker" 99% of the time. For Offshore, you should always plan for rougher conditions. But come race day, it will be what it will be.

    Like I said, having a "faster" Ski is good, but you get to a point of diminishing returns here because the faster you go the higher the Ski will ride in the water, which starts to reduce pump hook up, which will then reduce speeds.

    The most important part of Offshore racing you didn't touch on, so I will touch on it for you: Riding ability. There's alot you can do as a rider to help keep speeds up during the race. Body placement, throttle control, etc.

    If you want a Yamaha, the 2012 is the way to go. HO, SHO, or Turbo . . . this is another thread. JB

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    Very good post John, and agree with the weight thing in the chop, hence my old Ultra LX was better than the FX in the med-large chop. This season we had 5 rounds (2 moto's at each rd) and 2 rounds were pretty much pan cake races = BHP race (fastest ski wins).

    Agree that rider ability counts for alot in the chop, so the answer to which ski is best for a seasons racing (stock 4 stroke normally aspirated class) offshore is still not clear, if I have 5 choppy rounds then the 2012 ski is the way to go, but if it was like the season just gone it would be super frustrating to race on a heavier (slower?) ski during the flat rounds!

    If the slightly older FXHO is quicker/faster on the flat, then it may be the best ski as you could overcome some of the disadvantage in the chop with rider ability? or is the 2012 just as quick/fast on the flat?? or is the 2011/12 way better than the older ones?

    Sorry for all the questions but without riding either of the 2 ski's it is very hard to choose. there is always the option of the kwak 15f which I think is quickest of all on the flat, but I have seen it race against the FXHO in the chop, and the FX is far Superior and only a smidge slower on the flat, so my thinking is I want to ride the best all round FXHO model.

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