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    looking at pulling the trigger on a 1996 Seadoo gtx

    I'm going to look at one this afternoon that was working before they started carb rebuild.I've looked thru some of the older thread for advice.Any new advice is greatly appreciated.Got the compression tester,battery block,gallon of gas and tools..anything else i might need?This was primarily used as a fishing jet ski and it will still be used as one.Thanks it's been over 20 something years since i owned one and pretty stoked about getting another one but not gonna jump at first bite.looks like i will pick it up for 500.oo with trailer and some gear...what do ya'll think?

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    Good ski, great price if it is in good shape.

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    Has it ever been in a cold climate? The 787 block retains cooling water and must be filled with antifreeze if it is stored at freezing temperatures. Internal damage can occur if water freezes inside the block. You could also remove the RAVE exhaust valves to inspect the cylinder and piston but I doubt the owner would let you disassemble anything.

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    It's in Texas.Lots of little or big stuff depending how you look at it.fuel lines need to go,need new oil injector(pump) or plate and just pre-mix.Compression was about 120 to 140.Its not a 650 its a 580 or 600.It's been in salt all its life.local beach community fire dept had it.It needs some tlc and will sleep on it and make the decision tomorrow.Thanks for the replies..might need some of ya'lls incite..thanks.....the steering cable towards the back is missing rubber and rusted about 8 inches up it but it still steer's no problem..How much does one of those those run?

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    If it's a 580, it's not a 96. It's probably a 93. The last two numbers of the vin are the year. I would probably pass, in good shape these are cheap.

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    save your money go 4-stoke you will not regret it

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    Quote Originally Posted by idoodou View Post
    save your money go 4-stoke you will not regret it
    I disagree. I went 4 stroke, and find them boring. I am actually selling my 4 strokes and going back to 2 strokes.

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