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    2007 GP1300R Oil injection

    Just bought a an 07 GP1300R worried about oil injection failing. I don't want to premix its a big pain to add oil and mix it perfectly each time I fill up.
    I just want to take every precaution I can to ensure that the injection system doesn't fail so I had a few questions.
    1) Running completely stock. Only dplate was done. What is the best oil to use? Have no idea what oil is currently in the tank should I drain and put in proper oil or just use whats in there and replace with best oil? I'm thinking Yamalube 2W unless someone thinks something is better?
    2) When the oil injection fails what typically goes? Is it the pump or do the hoses get clogged or do they fall off?
    3) As a precaution should I replace all of the hoses? If so should I replace with clear ones so you can see the oil inside? How often should they be replaced every 100 hours?
    4) at a minimum does anyone recommend removing all hoses and blowing compressed air through them?
    5) Does anyone have an opinion on marvel mystery oil? I was thinking about putting a small amount in the gas each time just in case the oil injection fails at least their will be some lubrication for the cylinders.

    Thanks for your help,

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    The lines falling off is the most common failure. The lines get brittle and sometimes the shrink in length. When that happens they start to pull hard tension on the fittings and pop off when you jump a wave to just cruising around. I've never read about a pump failure so that would be very rare.
    So the best way to make the oil injection reliable is to replace the lines with the best quality oil injection hose you can find. And make sure its the correct size so it fits nice and snug on the fittings. It also helps to make them a little long and properly route and secure them with metal pinch clamps like described in the this thread here:
    Then the next thing to do is frequent inspection. Inspection is not an easy task on the GPR due to the exhaust is one reason almost no one recommends keeping the the oil injection on a GPR.
    If you don't know what oil is in the tank then yes, suck it all out and add a good quality oil in there. Which oil to use is something that has been debated to death, but I use Amsoil. Search and read on here and come up with which oil you think is good you.
    Premixing a little oil in the gas is good insurance should a oil line pops off. Its not gonna save the engine if you run around a WOT all day with an lost oil line but will give you some lube. Just use the same oil you use for the oil tank and mix it somewhere around 100:1 to 150:1

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