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    Where to purchase best engine fogging spray?

    Also, can you just remove the large exhaust hose off of the water box on my 2009 px and use a mitivac
    suction device to remove all the water out of it?

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    You will get a bit of debate on this, but I personally think that Evinrude Storage Fogging Oil is the best stuff out there right now. It is really thick, and when you spray it, it gets foamy, and is really sticky, so it protects really well. Brands like Stabil, Pennzoil, and others are really thin and don't foam up, so they do not protect as well. I used to use Mercury Marine Storage Seal as it used to be just like the Evinrude stuff, but they changed the formula in the last year or so and now it is crappy just like Stabil brand.

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    the BRP ( SeaDoo, Evinrude, Johnson) stuff is the best over here, as above it sprays and then goes foamy, stays up in cylinders and around everything for months

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    I agree with the above posters, that the BRP / Evinrude is a great product. If you can't find it in your area, CRC brand fogging oil is also thick, sticky and goes in as a foam for better distribution. As mentioned earlier, all the other "brand" names quality has diminished over the years.

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    Yamaha's fogging oil also gets a little foamy....I used it in a pinch, it was all I had...But I didnt know that Mercury changed their formula, that sucks....It used to be the best!!!!!

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