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    Water tested my Power filter today and this is what i found

    Well after putting on the Power filter last night I hit the water today and the results on top end were not what I expected. The acceleration was still strong and if not a little stronger, that was probly the responce was quicker. The ski just jumps out of the water and pulls hard up to 70mph and then it is like hitting a brick wall. The speeds slowy creep up to .6 of a mile, the tope end is not faster than what they were befor I added the Power Filter. The RPMs do the same. 0-8150rpm and just stays there. I thought I woild get at least 71 with a half tank of gas but it did not happen, still a tad over 70. Does that mean i need more pitch on the impeller??? I have the basic stage one kit now without the wedge.

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    Just got off the phone with Glen at PPG and yep I do need more pitch on the impeller so it is coming off today. On quick question I want to ride tomorrow so I will have to ride with the stock impeller how much preformance will I lose? ? ? ? I have gotten use to the acceleration the solas has I dont want no less.

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