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    Mods for 2012 300x

    Hey guys
    Just brought a 300x last month, only rode it in a flat freshwater lake so far. I would like to add some more top end power. What mods would be best advised? Cheers

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    For 99.9% of the people, this Ski already has enough "power" so frankly I wouldn't look to add more power. You can switch to a Turbo platform which will add more Power but this is a different topic altogether. If you really mean "speed", I see alot of my friends adding the Bolt on SCOM (speed control override module). This adds 3 or 4 mph depending on conditions. This is a relatively cheap Bolt on; RIVA and R&D both make one. Expect the Ski to drink more gas if you are really laying into the throttle using the SCOM module. JB

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    Search for Air Mods.

    The other is the wedge.

    My ski is 72mph most days. On a bad day, hot and choppy, it's 70. On a good day, cool and flat, it's 74.

    There are ECU tunes and some early attempts on a pulley kit. These are being tested at the moment. My guess is you'll see 77 with a pulley but that's just a guess.

    The ski is a machine but it's not going to be the fastest ski on a fresh water lake. A basic modded FZR will be quicker if the lake is smooth. As soon as it's a little bit choppy though, bye bye and smile your on the 300x doing 70 in the chop


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    Leave motor, SC and exhaust stock...just do the SCOM as mentioned ...and your bolt ons that are talked about in other threads..lots of reading info..hope for the mid 70s...enjoy

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    Mods for 2012 300x

    Yeah I've been reading thur all morning guys are so helpful for novice like myself thanks heaps

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