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    15f Flyhweel Removal

    Any special advice to pulling a flywheel off a 15f? I've heated the hell out of the thing, and repeatly snap bolts... I'm going to pickup some grade 8 bolts and keep trying. Also not a little worried that I may have to split the whole motor... found tons of oil (1/2qt) in the magneto cover... any way for oil to get in there? I'm assuming it may be a real main seal leak... or possible blow through from boost? Once I get this thing off I will have a better idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    yes 8.8 or 10. grade bolts are needed
    ensure you screw them ALL the way threw the flywheel so the come out the back ( this ensures max thread bit )

    YES heat is your friend ( some are just fricken tight )

    Yes the seal is leaking , and the high boost with too much CC pressure could have been exaggerating the leak.

    you will probably melt the rear seal when trying to get flywheel of anyways.

    just replace it and ensures you put the seal all the way up to the correct place when putting cases together ..


    Thanks a ton Waz you have been great help with this whole project. I finally got around to changing to starter bendix and found this issue. Please tell me (which I think I can) I change this seal without splitting the cases... Would I be better off finding a better seal to hold the pressure? I saw ultras use the same seal without issues (couldn't find any online). I just want to make sure I take all precautions while the motor is out.

    Thanks again for everyone's help!

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