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    prop pitch vs exit nozzle

    ive read some here and there and gotten mixed answers.i know a larger exit nozzle/lower pitch will raise rpm and smaller exit nozzle/higher pitch will do the opposite.what im interested is if increasing the exit nozzle size to get rpms up a bit hurt speed more than help running a 13/22r rpms are 7500ish and id like to get them right before the limiter.could i get away with running a 85mm exit or will it hurt me more than help me top speed wise and i should pitch to 13/20ish.common sense tells me if i go 85mm speed will drop but id like the opinion of someone whos tried something simular.thanks everyone.

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    speed will not drop get a 85 the ski will fell better all the way around

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    With a 13/23, my speed was faster with an 84.5 mm nozzle than it was with the stock nozzle

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