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    Thought I blew up the clutch this weekend

    I was out on the lake testing my ski. I'm hauling ass across the lake when I hear a POP and my rpm's drop from 7900 to 6400. The speed also dropped and acceleration wasn't there. So here I am in the middle of a huge lake that has maybe 6 other boats out, none of which are within sight. I'm thinking I can either "enjoy" the rest of my day and just blow up the engine, it would be covered under warrantee anyway. OR I can put it on the trailer and go home after spending 10 minutes on the lake.

    I decide to go to shore and see if I can find anything. I get to shore and take the seat my surprise the hose coming off the SC blew off...........whew what a sigh of relief . I get out the little seadoo tool kit and pop that sucker on and tighten it as much as possible. Back out on the water for a couple hours of fun.

    Lesson of the day.
    1. Double check everything you have done
    2. A boost leak has the same symptoms as blown clutches.

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    That's probably the cheapest fix you'll find!!! Its a great feeling isnt it..Thinking man!!! Im gonna be without this ski for awhile.. and turns out to be a 2min fix. Good for you!!

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    Since my ski is stock right now is there any pics of the inside of the engine of stock where everything should be and all things layed out so i know wut to check to see if its okok?

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    ...owners manual...

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    Im surprized you wait that long to get back to shore to look under the seat. I would of had the seat off right away in the middle of the lake to see what was wrong. That would of been an easy fix on the lake.

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