i have a gp800 and it seems that the back cylinder isnt running under load.
my ski had a msd total loss in it and my frist sign off trouble was a slight miss fire when rideing over choppy water .the next day i went out again and the ski would only rev to around 4500 rpm and the back cylinder was cold compared to the front cylinder . i tryed a new coil as one off the msd ones didnt meter up very well but that had no effect still a bad miss fire and the back cylinder was cold . i put the factory electircs back in the ski then and still the same problem , wont rev over 4500rpm and the back clyinder is cold.
i then pulled the carbs and gave them a good clean out and looking over . checked the reeds compresion tested ( 130 front 125 back ) and also check the crank to make sure it hadent moved out off phase with some veriners thro the plug holes .
im not sure where to look next , to me the miss seems electrical but its funny that its done it with 2 diffrent ignition systems . i have,nt meter the factory set ignition yet as im not sure wot sort off readings i should have .
the skis set up is factory i body cards ( modified by novi ) standerd reeds , not sure off any internal modds ( never had the motor down as ive only owned this ski for a couple off mounths) standard head , gas power valves, fpp twin pipes and a completly standard elec system .
and help or advice would be very very much apprecated as im syuck at the moment and not sure wot to try next
oh yeah its a 98 gp800
thanks in adavce for any help