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    HSR Dealer in the USA ?

    Is in the USA a dealer, where can sell NEW S4 ?

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    The B3S/R is the new "Benelli" model for 2013 (no longer HSR).
    Should be receiving the first ones this spring apparently

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    theres a marina in Jersey thats selling them

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    The Dealer

    Quote Originally Posted by RXP-X 2011 View Post
    Is in the USA a dealer, where can sell NEW S4 ?
    JCR BENELLI EAST, L.L.C. - Importer
    665 Washington Ave, Belleville, NJ 07109
    Phone: +1 973.751.4545

    Jet Ski Mag is got an article about the line up.
    There is also a Web site for them.
    still want to know how reliable there skis will be.?!?.

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    They are garbage ... shit performance especially for the money. Their hulls are absolutely shit too. There’s a reason top level racers don’t use them..

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