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    '04 RXP Oil false oil warning light

    Hey GH,

    I recently purchased an '04 RXP 215.

    Just to make this clear, the oil is at the proper level using this procedure. Run the ski for 5 minutes around at low speeds 3k-5k RPM, the come in, make it level and check oil level. The oil is 3/4 up the dip stick.

    However, the oil warning light comes on occasionally when I am out riding and goes into limp mode until I turn it off. It immediately goes away on start up. There are no stored codes either.

    The light comes on almost 100% of the time if I slowly lift off the throttle and reach the 3000 RPM mark and still decelerating. If I slow down and never make it to 3k before accelerating again, it is fine. Or if I am coming off idle speed and slow accelerating to the 3k mark, it will come on then also. But if I go WOT from a stop, it does not come on at all...

    I know that this year ski are prone to having oil level sensors go bad, particularly the top sensor and am hopping that is the only problem.

    How difficult is it to change the lower sensor?

    Thank you for any and all help!


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    They have oil pressure sensors not oil level sensors. Maybe a sensor or you really do have low oil pressure. You can try replacing sensors, but I would check oil pressure, too. There is a time delay on the oil pressure warning thats why you can go WOT from a stop, but when you lift off it throws a warning once it drops below 3K and a certain oil pressure.

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    Hi, I know this is a more than 6 year old trread, but I have the same problem and was hoping for an update from anyone.

    I only get the limp mode once in a while, but it is very disturbing since I have to restart the ski to get it out of limp mode. My 15 year old girl is the one mostly riding it and I dont want her stuck on the lake....

    As with Tyler above I get the oil warning when backing off the throttle. I seriously doubt that I have a oil pressure problem, since the ski runs great, doesnt use any oil, and the spark plugs look ok.

    I read up on this and it seems like there are two common problems; pressure sender and oil filter. Anyone here that solved a similar issue by replacing either?

    Regards, Johan

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    You get the same answer as the first guy. CHECK OIL PRESSURE WITH AN OIL GAUGE. if it passes then you can look at sensors and pigtails/wire harnesses. Pull the oil filter cover and see if it’s collapsed.

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    most of the time it has turned out to be a wonky oil sender. well know problem, but still, it's prudent to make sure you've got correct oil pressure because we have no idea whatsoever about what ski you have.

    there is a threaded plug on the back of the cylinder head, that's where the pressure gauge is attached.

    water in the oil will collapse the filter and restrict its ability to flow. I'd check that first

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