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    Have anyone ever seen this site ?

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    can you read that! what language is that? ...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider View Post
    can you read that! what language is that? ...PR...
    It's Japanese. You need to have the international Jap fonts to be able to view most of the characters. Any URL that ends with ".jp" is hosted in Japan.

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    Dr Len,

    yes, I've been to that page many times, also translated most of the pages. The last work they've done is back in 04. Tried to email them but no response. If you should be able to get ahold of anyone, I'm interested in the ride plate they have.

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    This will translate the page and any link it takes you to from that site. Just enter the URL and you're all set.
    It sure would have been nice to see how those would have actually done around here!!

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