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    Primer for a 2000 SLX?

    I installed primer kits on my Polaris SL650/750 project and a Kawi 440 recently, and am amazed at how easy they start! So I thought about putting one on my 2000 SLX, as it does take 20-30 sec of cranking when cold.

    But I've been doing some reading, and I see that the SLX's Keihin carbs have an accelerator pump. So I shouldn't need to put a primer on it, just thumb the throttle a few times instead.

    Will this work? Or should I spring for the primer kit anyways?

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    I'm not sure on the newer ones, but the manual says to let the starter motor cool after 10 sec. of cranking, 20-30 sec. may shorten starter life. The accel. pump should do the trick I'd imagine, but the primer kit has a GOOD side affect. The removal of the choke plates allows more air flow by eliminating restriction. Go for the primer kit, it's cheap and it has benefits. My 2 pennies.

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    The domestic engines have been known to be hard starting at times especially when cold. The acc. pump will work as a primer but in my experince, it's really been the luck of the draw if it will always work for any particular watercraft. Just to be conservative, I would install a primer just incase the acc. pump doesn't always least you'll always be able to keep riding and that's the point...isn't it?

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