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    How to Mount GPS

    I have a Garmin 76CSX, anyone has any good ideas how to mount it on the ski?


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    If they make cases for them, buy one and pop rivit it to the front little storage lid. Then you can slide the gps in and out of it when you are riding or not. And it would be easy to see riding right between your legs. I'd hate to have that little thing plop in the water. Kinda $$$$.

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    Use Velcro,
    I have been using it on my STX-12F Glove box for 4 years now, never lost a GPS unit either, in all conditions.
    just put velcro on the glove box lid and the other part on the back of the GPS unit.

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    I have a Garmin 478 that I'd like to mount. It fits in the glovebox of my FXHO but might be a little to big for the 250. I worry about it disappearing into the deep blue.

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    For $1000, I'd be worried too!

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